National Geographic Infographics Collection

Dec 21, 2016

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Since it was first launched back in 1888, National Geographic has been our armchair window into the world around us. From brilliant photography to educational pieces on the natural world and humanity’s interaction with such, Nat Geo is the holder of countless awards and remains one of the premier periodicals distributed today.

Now, in a new anthology, National Geographic has done us the huge favor of gathering up the magazine’s best infographics from the past 128 years, compiling them all within a handsome hardcover coffee table book. It features educational infographics on topics such as history, the planet, the animal kingdom, science and technology, the human world, and everything from the fall of the Roman Empire to the history of Hawaiian surfing. It’s all here, all easily discernible, and available in English, French, or German. What better way to keep up with man’s interesting – through somewhat sordid – history while educating yourself about the world around us? Yeah, we couldn’t either. Available now for $70. [Purchase]

National Geographic Infographics Collection 5

National Geographic Infographics Collection 3

National Geographic Infographics Collection 4

National Geographic Infographics Collection 2

National Geographic Infographics Collection 6

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