NASA x Vans ‘Space Voyager’ Capsule Collection

When it comes to the advancement of science, NASA is one of the most important government agencies ever to have existed (and perhaps the most important one that ever will). After all, without NASA, we never would have put a man on the moon. Now, to pay tribute to the agency and their many, many milestones, they’ve teamed up with Vans to release this ‘Space Voyager’ capsule collection.

Consisting of four pairs of shoes — two Old Skools and two SK8-His — this footwear draws its inspiration from the space suits worn by NASA astronauts. The styling cues include actual John F. Kennedy Space Center branding, removable velcro patches — American flags on the heels of the low-tops and mission patches on the side of the hi-tops — and unique reinforced soles. The hi-tops even feature NASA’s unofficial slogan, “For the benefit of all,” down the back of the heel. The collection is also said to include a jacket, backpacks, and two more pairs of shoes — though they have yet to be unveiled. The collection will begin selling on November 2nd everywhere.

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