Get An Insider Look At NASA’s Operations With This Stunning Coffee Table Book

Humankind’s historic fascination with space exploration is one of the main reasons for NASA’s recent rise to cultural stardom. Because let’s face it: although many of us will never see what goes on behind the scenes at mission control, a piece of branded gear will at least make us feel like we’re a part of the team.

However, with the launch of his book, NASA: Past and Present Dreams of the Future, English-based photographer Benedict Redgrove is offering unprecedented visual access to the space agency’s day to day operations. Spanning 380 pages cover to cover, it’s filled with over 200 high-quality photos — the product of nearly a decade’s worth of Redgrove’s free time. Inside, you’ll find everything from moon rocks collected on the Apollo missions to assembly rooms where developmental spacecraft are being built, with each image painstakingly retouched in order to remove any distracting background material. When you consider the lengths to which Redgrove had to go to get his shots — including five years building trust and four years actually working — it makes for a coffee table book with some truly once in a lifetime content. You can buy it at the link below for about $205.

Purchase: $205