This AWD NASA Moto Concept Is Built For Off-Roading On The Surface Of The Moon

As mankind gets closer and closer to colonizing distant planets and moons, the public has become increasingly enamored with all things space travel, from streetwear companies to concept artists. And Russia’s Andrew Fabishevskiy is one of the latest designers to be bit by the NASA bug, with the Moscow-based illustrator and senior designer rendering his vision of a motorcycle built for the moon.

Simply known as the “NASA Motorcycle,” the concept bike features a long wheelbase and an elaborate tubular trellis frame. Single-sided swing-arms fore and aft are linked to a set of beefy off-road tires that are structured through the use of a Star of David-shaped internal framework and capped off with a wide set of tire huggers. What appears to be a soft sphere below a series of straps acts as the saddle and provides some cushioning for whatever the idiosyncratic suspension system doesn’t soak up. Interestingly, the bike also looks to be of the AWD variety, with power also being sent to the front wheel. A modern set of zero drag handlebars and a front luggage rack complete the lunar-ready two-wheeler. To see more of Fabishevskiy’s work, you can check out his Behance page linked below.

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