This Revolutionary Graphene Battery Is 100% Self-Charging & Lasts Over A Century

As an increasing number of governments around the world begin to implement plans and guidelines to phase out traditional petrol-powered vehicles, it’s become abundantly clear that EV technology is the way of the future. And while enormous strides have been made in this space over the last half-decade alone, a recent release may pose one of the most significant breakthroughs in battery technology quite possibly ever.

Known as NBD — short for “Nano Diamond Battery” — this groundbreaking new cell is a wholly revolutionary product for numerous reasons. Not only can these batteries boast cycles of up to 28,000 years, but they also have the ability to self-recharge, meaning they never require an external power source. This is accomplished through utilizing special carbon-14-rich graphene that is essentially a recycled piece of nuclear waste. Best of all- these cutting-edge cells — which are expected to replace today’s Lithium items, at least if all goes according to plan — can conform to a myriad of different sizes thanks to the use of a novel supercapacitor, whether it be for a cellphone battery, or a regular AA or AAA cell, or even an electric car battery. If this product comes to fruition, it’ll be an absolute game-changer.

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