Naked & Famous Scratch-N-Sniff Mint Jeans

Apr 9, 2014

Category: Style

Go ahead and take a good whiff of your jeans right now. What do you smell? If you said an off-putting combination of secondhand smoke, dried Heineken, and salsa verde, congratulations! You just won a round of Funky Jeans Bingo.

But aside from collecting your winnings (which are nil because, sorry, we just made that game up), there are no really benefits to wearing pants that push away the opposite sex. Or the same sex. Or all manners and varieties of sex. Now these Naked & Famous Scratch-N-Sniff Mint Jeans for example, promise to do everything you want in a pair of jeans and then some. An actual minty aroma flutters out every time you scratch them (up to 5 washes) thanks to a special coating that’s sealed into the material. The jeans are made from 100% Japanese cotton, and they’re produced in Canada. [Purchase]

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