Naim’s Mu-so 2nd Generation Wireless Speaker Provides Class-Leading Sound

In order to create the ultimate home music setup and truly capture the essence of your favorite songs, you’ll need a powerful speaker system. Thankfully, the Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation Wireless Speaker is an all-in-one high-resolution device that delivers class-leading performance.

The 2nd gen model packs 450 watts of power like the multiple award-winning original model, but it’s equipped with updated drivers and the brand new multicore Digital Signal Processor that provides 2,000 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) for extraordinary audio quality. In addition, the cabinet design was re-engineered to enhance the bass and bump up the cabinet volume by 13%. This wireless speaker includes AirPlay 2 compatibility, an updated touch control panel with an illuminating dial, built-in Chromecast, HDMI ARC, and upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity. If you want to listen to your custom playlist with amazing sound, you can pick up the wireless speaker for $1,599.

Purchase: $1,599