These Next-Level Naglev Boots Feature An Indestructible Kevlar Outer Shell

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Even despite years upon years of industry-wide innovations, hiking boots have remained remarkably stagnant when it comes to their overall design. As such, most offerings on the market tend to follow a pretty similar formula — one which in turn leads to a lot of rather bulky, sub-par clunkers.

Naglev’s Combat WP, however, is one boot that proves an exception to the rule. That’s because it’s been designed with a single piece of indestructible Kevlar sandwiched around a cozy, thermoregulating wool sock. In practice, such a combination eliminates any potential weak points whilst also providing a breathable, waterproof defense. And that’s not all; throughout the rest of the boot, you’ll find plenty of other forward-thinking features, including a leather and coconut fiber footbed, an elasticated ankle band, and even a set of integrated cable speed laces to simplify slip-ons. Riding on an aggressive, natural rubber tread, they’re made only better by the fact that the inner lining, sole, and footbed are all easily replaceable, effectively guaranteeing that these boots will last you a lifetime. If you’re looking for some footwear that’s as functional as it is fashionable, pick up a pair today for $280.

Purchase: $280

Photo: Huckberry