This Modular Fitness Tracker Uses ECG & OHR For Unrivaled Heart Rate Accuracy

While there’s no denying the benefits of heart rate-based training — including objective workout assessment and improved recovery optimization — it’s far from a perfect tool. Because let’s face it. Between improper fit, external stress, and, in some cases, unreliable hardware, there’s a lot that can throw off the readings on your wearable device.

But with its all-new MZ-Switch Physical Activity Tracker, MyZone is looking to put an end to your heart rate woes for good. That’s because it’s designed to be completely interchangeable along with each of its included straps. So whether you wear it on your wrist, your forearm, or your chest, rest assured you’ll be able to find the fit you need for your particular workout. And that’s not all — thanks to its use of both electrocardiography (ECG) and optical heart rate (OHR) monitoring, it’s also incredibly reliable, promising 95% accuracy when worn on the wrist and as much as 99.4% accuracy when used as a chest strap. Top it off with a built-in light indicator for on-the-fly analysis, 36 hours of data storage, and up to six months of battery life, and the result is a tracker ready to take your training to the next level.

Purchase: $160