MyLifter Aerial Storage Device

DIY Dads rejoice. Finally, you can have some reprieve from the clutter around your workspace in the garage. myLIFTER is a clever lifting device that allows you to utilize space that up until now has been just out of reach but highly utilitarian. We’re talking about all that wasted room between the hood of your SUV and the garage ceiling of course.

Thanks to the myLIFTER unit – weighing in at one pound – you can easily store up to 100 pounds of toys, seasonal gear, or random items high in the sky and out of the way. Need something on the fly? Not a problem thanks to the integrated smartphone app. It’s also remote controlled if you don’t have a smartphone, and you can also link up to four devices for lifting heavier items or to simply store more belongings out of sight. Time to clean the clutter. It’s available now for $180. [Purchase]