Leica & Mykita’s 3D-Printed Sunglasses Were Inspired By Photography

Mar 3, 2020

Category: Style

When it comes to stylish, functional eyewear, the unison of crystal-clear lenses and next-generation materials is never a bad thing. That means that when two giants in German engineering come together to create a new line of fashionable sunglasses, the world takes note.

Mykita and Leica both call Germany home, and with roots in concise product engineering, it’s no wonder that the pair have come together for a cutting-edge eyewear collaboration. Leica’s precise optics and Mykita’s bespoke construction principles have been introduced in spectacular fashion here, calling upon the glass proprietor’s geometric lens shapes, which mimic aspects from the recognizable Leica lens hood, to provide wearers with unparalleled visual acuity. To contain the company’s transcendental optics, Mykita’s 3D-printed MYLON material has been contracted, working alongside a stainless steel frame to gift the luxury eyewear collection with immense durability. Unique elements like an AquaDura Vision Pro lens coating, which has been developed and used inside of Leica’s sport and photography lenses, ensure adequate protection from smudging, scratches, and harsh reflections. Look for the collection to hit both Mykita and Leica’s web stores in June.

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