MyCanoe Folding Canoe

Picture heading to the local river or lake for an afternoon with a canoe that can fit in the trunk of your car. Impossible right? Well, up until now you’d be right. Introducing the MyCanoe Foldable Canoe, the full-sized canoe that can fit over your shoulder when folded down. Never again will an afternoon by the water be wasted.

Made from custom polypropylene with a 15-year UV treatment this Canoe is set for over 20,000 folds. Extended, the canoe measures a solid 14 feet long and folds down into a 37 x 25-inch box. Assembly is a breeze as well, setting up in as little as 10 minutes and compressing in only five. It’s purposed to travel by your side on any sort of adventure that may lead to water and acts as a simplistic yet reliable means to explore our nation’s waterways. They’re set to launch their Kickstarter campaign on February 15th so be sure to keep a lookout for more information in the short term. Pricing is unavailable at the moment. [Purchase]