My Medic The Shield First Aid Kit

If you’re looking for a decent first aid kit, there’s a pretty good chance you can count on something that was designed and used by U.S. law enforcement and special operations. And that’s what makes everything My Medic offers so trustworthy and reliable – including this little kit they’ve called The Shield.

Designed to be the absolute toughest first aid trauma kit on the planet, The Shield is exactly the thing you’d want to have on you to save someone with life-threatening injuries. That’s because it’s packed to the stitches with excellent emergency gear – including EMT shears, lubricant, a survival blanket, tools for opening up a closed airway, and gear to put a stop to severe bleeding. It’s all packed into a water-resistant pack and comes with the brand’s lifetime guarantee. And did we mention that it’s built by-hand here in the USA? Because it is. You can’t prepare in an emergency; you can only prepare for one. Get your hands on The Shield now for $200.

Purchase: $200