My Hydro Custom Hydro Flask Bottles

If a water bottle is part of your everyday carry, you likely have personalized it in some way in order to differentiate it from others at the gym or your work. Maybe you wrap some paracord around the top, some duct-tape around the middle, or have thrown a couple of stickers on there. Now thanks to Hydro Flasks’s new My Hydro program, you can skip all of that trouble and get your water bottle totally customized from the start.

Thanks to a NIKEiD like web portal, the water bottles that first gained widely known for their incredible temperature retention (these things will keep your coffee hot for 6 hours and your iced-tea cold for up to 24) can now can be totally personalized. Want to keep a low-key look with a slight personal touch? Done. Want to have something that’ll completely stand out? You got it. With 7 different sized bottles, 2 lid types, 4 parts, and 14 color choices there are up to 183,456 different unique combinations that can be made. After getting a bottle through this program, we doubt anyone will honestly mistake your water bottle for theirs – though we don’t think we could totally blame them if they tried to swipe it anyway. Prices start at $29. [Purchase]