Muyshondt Maus UV Redbar Special Edition Electric Torch

When you need a beam of light to cut through the darkness, Muyshondt’s pocket flashlights are second to none, but their talent isn’t confined to just making compact camping torches. The Muyshondt Maus UV Redbar Special Edition Electric Torch is made particularly to inspect the timepieces in your prized collection.

Built in collaboration with the RedBar watch group, this weather-sealed horology tool with a double-AR coated sapphire crystal lens is equipped with a special UV LED for incredible performance. The lightweight titanium UV torch is powered by Muyshondt’s Calibre 416 Light Engine, which enables the Maus to produce a constant output of light regardless of the battery charge. Inspect every minute detail of your wristwatch and even efficiently charge lume by simply twisting the Maus to move through its three intensity levels. The AA battery-powered Maus is presented in a Horween Shell Cordovan sheath and it’s available for preorder right now for $400.

Purchase: $400