Mustache Gift Guide: 20 Must Have Products to Celebrate Movember

Dec 4, 2019

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It’s officially Movember, and you know what that means? Time to grow out that mustache (or moustache) of yours in order to help raise awareness for prostate cancer. Originally started back in 2004, the Movember Foundation is the driving force behind the now heavily celebrated month of Movember. Although cancer is a deadly disease, catching it early can significantly reduce the impact, allowing doctor’s the ability to find effective treatments – which in turn can help reduce the number of preventable deaths. That’s what Movember is all about. As men, we grow our mustaches out to raise awareness, and remind fellow men to get tested once a year. Movember has turned into so much more over the past decade though, bringing about tons of mustache inspired gear to help further the cause – and we love it. While the mustache craze may not be as big as it was a few years ago, we are all about supporting a good cause, and that’s why we’ve compiled the official Mustache Gift Guide for the month of November (Movember). So whether you prefer mustache or moustache, you’re sure to find something awesome in the list of 20 must have mustache products below.

Mustache Door Mat

1. Mustache Door Mat

A great way to greet your guests this November (and all year round for that matter), this door mat is shaped like a perfectly groomed handlebar moustache. The mat was designed by John Caswell, is constructed from weather resistant natural fibers, and comes packaged in a an easy-to-carry tube. [Purchase]

Mustache Bandages

2. Mustache Bandages

Real men don’t wear bandages, but if you must, let’s make it a moustache bandage. This gentlemanly container comes packed with 15 bandages, all of which have been stamped with classic, well groomed moustache styles. [Purchase]

Mustache Tie Clip

3. Mustache Tie Clip

Maybe your job doesn’t let you grow out your facial hair for November, but you still want to show your support for the cause. We’ve got you covered with this classy moustache tie clip, a great way to finish off any business ensemble. [Purchase]

Mustache Wrapping Paper

4. Mustache Wrapping Paper

Now you can make all your gifts more manly this holiday season. No matter what you get him for Christmas, make sure you wrap it up with some of this. There are two sheets per package, so make sure to order plenty for all of your gifts. [Purchase]

Mustache Cork Coasters

5. Mustache Cork Coasters

Now you can prevent water rings from ruining your furniture while also being able to know who’s drink is whose. These cork constructed coasters come in a package of 6, all of which have been outfitted with distinguished moustache styles. [Purchase]

Carstache Car Mustache

6. Carstache Car Mustache

Carstaches are the best way to show your support on the road, and we all know mustaches make everything better – cars included. This oversized mustache is made from durable polyester, and ties to the front grill of your automobile. [Purchase]

Munchstache Mustache Cookie Cutters

7.  Munchstache Mustache Cookie Cutters

Just when you thought cookies couldn’t get better, they did. This cookie cutter kit includes 5 different moustache styles, all of which are made from durable food-safe plastic, and come packaged in a reusable storage tray. [Purchase]

Humunga Stache

8. Humunga Stache

Why shouldn’t your furry companion be able to get in on the fun? Mustache on one end, non-toxic rubber ball on the other end, this is the perfect mustache toy for man’s best friend. [Purchase]

Mustache Pint Glass

9. Mustache Pint Glass

While there are a few options out there when it comes to moustache pint glasses, this is one of our personal favorite sets. There are 4 different mustache styles included in the set, all of which have been handmade in Montana. [Purchase]

Handlebar Mustache Bottle Opener Corkscrew

10.  Handlebar Mustache Bottle Opener & Corkscrew

This mustache shaped corkscrew will open any wine bottle with ease, but also pulls double duty as a fully functional bottle opener. Whether you prefer a nice glass of wine, or a bottle of beer, this is the only tool you will need. [Purchase]

TOMS Limited Edition Movember Paseos

11. TOMS Limited Edition Movember Paseos

Every year shoe maker TOMS teams up with the folks at Movember for a limited edition pair of shoes. This year marks the 4th anniversary of the partnership, and  the brand has decided to revamp their popular Paseos silhouette for the month of November. These go quickly every year, so if you like what you see, be sure to act quickly. [Purchase]

Mustache Shaped Flask

12. Mustache Shaped Flask

It doesn’t get more manly than a moustache shaped hip flask. Enjoy 6 ounces of your favorite booze (whiskey of course) from this matte finished stainless steel flask. [Purchase]

Cowboy Comb

13. Cowboy Mustache Comb

This 27 tooth Cowboy Comb is the perfect way to keep your lip sweater looking dialed in, all day long. It’s more than just good looks, this thing was designed to contour to your mustache, features ergonomic wing grips, is small enough to slipsright into your back pocket, and was made right here in the U.S.A. What more could you ask for? [Purchase]

BeerMo Bottle Mustaches

14. BeerMo Bottle Mustaches

Just clip the FDA approved, silicone constructed BeerMo onto your bottle, and within seconds you’ll have yourself a solid fake moustache to sport. The folks at Beardo sell this bad boy in six different colors to ensure you know which drink is yours. [Purchase]

Moustache World Map

15. Moustache World Map

Instead of little colored shapes covering the world map, this map depicts the entire world as tiny little crumb catchers. This handmade mustache world map was designed by Florida based artist The Pixel Prince, and is available in both framed and unframed versions. Great for the man cave. [Purchase]

Mo Mug

16. Mo Mug

This double-walled porcelain coffee mug does more than just keep your coffee piping hot, it also helps you attract more women. The heat-resistant, silicone constructed sippy-lid is a nice finishing touch to the coffee mug. [Purchase]

Mustache Cufflinks

17.  Mustache Cufflinks

These 3D printed cufflinks are shaped like tiny little mustaches, and are great with any French cuff dress shirt. There are three different finishes to choose from, all of which have been made in the good old U.S.A. [Purchase]

Mustache Candle Holder

18. Mustache Candle Holder

Handmade in the Ukraine by Design Atelier Article, this moustache shaped candle holder is made from salvaged solid wood, and was built to last. [Purchase]

Great Moustaches Mug

19. Great Moustaches Mug

This 12 ounce coffee mug could be the greatest coffee mug of all time. It pays homage to 14 of the most world’s most celebrated moustaches. Mustaches from the men of Mark Twain, Leon Trotsky, Lao Tzu, and many more. If you look closely, you will notice that each moustache is numbered, and that’s because the moustache’s identity is listed on the bottom of the mug. [Purchase]

Sock It To Me Mustache Socks

20. Sock It To Me Mustache Socks

These ultra comfortable yellow socks have been hit with a handful of black moustaches. Everyone needs a comfortable pair of socks, so why not pick up a pair that pay homage to the moustache? [Purchase]

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