Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada

Feb 10, 2014

Category: Living

If you’re in search of the ultimate boat house to get away for the weekend, we’ve got just the place for you. Designed by Christopher Simmonds, this contemporary abode is the perfect weekend retreat.

Located in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada, this home features garages for not just one, but 2 speed boats, and that’s not all. Head up the stairs to enjoy an open living space complete with guest suite, covered balcony, full kitchen, fireplace, bathroom, and a wall-mounted flat screen television for the ultimate Super Bowl party with the fellas. The Canada based boathouse was once just a tiny 600 square foot location, and after some tasteful renovations has been transformed into the ultimate bachelor pad boathouse.

Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada 2

Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada 3

Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada 4

Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada 5

Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada 6

Muskoka Lakes Boathouse in Canada 7

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