Muskoka Boathouse By AKB Architects

Apr 5, 2019

Category: Living

When living among the wilds of Canada’s Ontario region, blissful, waterfront properties might seem like they’re a dime-a-dozen. After all, serene waterways and the homes that accompany them are a trademark for the denizens of Lake Rosseau — a notion that was carefully observed and acted upon by the area’s AKB Architects.

The inspiration for AKB’s Muskoka Boathouse was drawn primarily from the simplicity of the surrounding area — a locale near Ontario’s Tobin Island district that’s been characterized by its calm, undisturbed waters, rustic wooden docks, and dense forestry. To create a home that was both immersive and purposeful, the firm opted for a Black Cedar exterior treated with Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese wood-burning technique that gives the dwelling a natural resistance to the elements, as well as a handsome, charred look. An expansive deck area, complete with sun chairs and a submersible ladder for summertime swimming extends from the lake’s forested bank, while a three-slip storage area suited for boats, kayaks, and other waterborne vehicles lies on the lower level of the home. Inside, Baltic Birch and Douglas Fir pair with the dwelling’s elaborate concrete foundation, creating a warm space that’s dressed in modern furnishings. From the home’s many windows, a panoramic view of Lake Rosseau beckons for contemplative thought.

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