Munitio NINES 9MM Earphones

Earbuds are a dime a dozen. You can pick them up anywhere from a gas station to a Best Buy for dirt cheap, but if you want a quality pair that will stand out and set you apart – that is little harder to come by. For example, you won’t find something like Munitio’s NINES at some local 7-Eleven. They’re frankly too good for that.

While the 9mm bullet design is striking – these headphones aren’t designed to be a straight up gimmick. Constructed with aircraft grade metal, each headphone houses a driver that is set into a copper alloy casing crafted for an optimal resonance. For a big and undistorted bass and a full spectrum audio, Munitio includes their own proprietary Bass Enhancing Chamber that is built with the rare earth metal Neodymium. Of course – these headphones come with a three button remote built into the kevlar reinforced cables. And they even come packaged in a ballistic nylon carrying case. Get yours for $170. [Purchase]

Munitio NINES Tactical 9MM Earphones 1

Munitio NINES Tactical 9MM Earphones 2

Munitio NINES Tactical 9MM Earphones 3