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This Red Dot Award-Winning Wireless Mouse Needs No External Receiver

The search for a perfectly-sized, portable mouse is a neverending process. Big, small, weighty, or weightless — nothing seems to hit that perfect spot for optimized, everyday carry without acquiring a number of substantial negatives. That’s why AZDESIGN has taken it upon themselves to create the Multifunctional Mouse concept — a small, simplified design that can be packed, powered, and utilized almost anywhere.

The multifunctional mouse isn’t a new concept, by any means, but thanks to AZDESIGN’s “Cheerpod,” it’s become a bit more focused. In order to turn any mobile device into a more efficient workstation while on-the-go, the studio has designed a small, rectangular peripheral that’s both easy to access and Bluetooth enabled, pairing seamlessly with a number of compatible devices without the addition of confusing receivers, ports, or complexities. Thanks to a meticulous study surrounding the ergonomics of the genre’s leading portable offerings, it seems that AZDESIGN has finally gifted the world a sleek, promising design that’s primed for future production. Head to Behance to learn more about the multi-purpose accessory.

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