Multi Project 300-Piece Bit Kit

Most of the time, power drill/drivers come with a few bits to get your started on doing your own construction projects. None of them, however, come with a comprehensive complement of every single bit you could ever need or want. But that’s why this 300-piece driver bit set exists.

Arranged in a handy toolbox, this kit features a massive variety of metal bits – including 66 high speed steel twist drill bits, 50 H.H.S. drill bits, 10 nut drivers, 88 screwdriver bits, 33 wood boring drill bits, and 24 masonry drill bits. And every single one of them has its own labeled storage slot in one of the box’s drawers. It even comes with a magnetic magnetic holder, an Allen wrench, hole saws with adapters, and screw finders. The fact of the matter is, if you’re trying to find a bit that isn’t in this set, it probably doesn’t exist. This kit can be yours now for $150 – and it’s guaranteed to last for life.

Purchase: $150