BangTi Multi-Function Survival Shovel

At times, nature can be colder and more heartless than your ex-girlfriend. You never know when she’ll turn for the worst. That’s why it pays to be prepared for anything (the weather that is). Thankfully the BangTi survival shovel has got you covered will all the essentials for an impromptu night in the bush.

Designed and produced according to the self-driving experiences of countless outdoor sports lovers, each shovel functions as a practical, functional and secure safety supplement while in the wild. Within it you’ll find an axe hammer, screwdriver, knife, flint rod, small knife, wire cutter, tourniquet, lifesaving whistle, extension bar, ruler, and bottle opener. Each shovel handle is made from aviation aluminum, anodized and boasts precision CNC machine tool processing and comes with its own camouflaged carrying backpack to bug out all your gear before hitting the trail. Now, no matter what predicament you find yourself in, you’ll at least have your safety equipment to keep you warm at night. Available now for $80. [Purchase]