Mullet On The Go Headbands

Getting an edge on the basketball court can come in various forms; trash talking, profuse sweating through your shirt, or reeking of week-old tofu—they can all be effective ways to keep the D back a step. We’ve now found another way to distract them: the mullet headband.

Created by the heroes at Mullet On the Go, these headbands feature a multitude of ridiculous hairpieces attached to the back of them; just slap one on, hike up the shorts and socks, and you’ll have the defense paralyzed with laughter + confusion. So, that’d be laufusion. Choose from the Willie (as in Willie Nelson, who we’re pretty sure can still dunk), the blonde-locked Silverfox, the Bobcat, and other, equally nonsensical looks. Make sure you toss back a Tab after the game too. [Purchase]

Mullet On The Go Headbands 02

Mullet On The Go Headbands 3

Mullet On The Go Headbands 4

Mullet On The Go Headbands 6