MSTR LINX Titanium Carabiner

Carabiners have proven a tactical tool for mountaineers, climbers, and anyone who owns a key ring since they were invented in 1921. Though mostly foolproof, you might sometimes find yourself fumbling futilely with the spring-loaded latch, rebuffed by its frustrating mechanism. You’ll never be locked out of your own keys again with the MSTR LINX, a new carabiner design from MSTRMND Collective.

This carabiner is built to last. Made of Grade 5 Titanium, it promises to hold strong no matter how rugged your everyday life. Durable yet lightweight, the MSTR LINX barely outweighs a typical house key, at around 0.5 oz (a common house key is about 0.4 oz). MSTR LINX’s crowning feature is its Quick-Release Key Carry System, which represents a vast improvement on the conventional spring-loaded gate. The full kit comes with one large carabiner, one medium and one mini LINX key ring. These rings interlace seamlessly, but only when perfectly aligned. With a paper-thin opening as its gate, the triangular bookends of the oblong carabiner make the removal and addition of key rings a simpler task–and gravity keeps rings from accidentally sliding off the carabiner. Aside from its primary function, the MSTR LINX doubles as a bottle opener. With an elegant design and innovative release system, the MSTR LINX is both an aesthetic and functional improvement on the carabiners of old.

Kickstarter: $65+