MSR Trailshot Microfilter

If you’ve ever gone backpacking, mountain-biking, or trail running, you know that sometimes getting your hands on fresh water can be complicated. Thanks to the MSR Trailshot Microfilter, however, it doesn’t have to be.

Due to the small size of this one-handed pump you can throw it in stash-pockets on your backpack, or even in your pocket without it taking up too much space. Don’t feel like filling up your bottle? It works just as well as a quick, outdoor water fountain. But don’t let its packable build fool you. This little thing can do a lot of work. Thanks to its hollow fiber filtering technology, the Trailshot Microfilter has a 2,000-liter lifespan, and can treat 1-liter of water in as little as 60 seconds. Not bad for such a little filter.

Purchase: $50