MSR Tent Stake Hammer

When the time has come to settle down for the night, or you’ve reached your intended destination for the weekend, this Tent Stake Hammer from MSR will ensure your tent remains steady and fastened to the ground no matter what. Sure, you could opt for a rock or depend on your boots to drive that stake home, but why make things difficult?

Each MSR Stake Hammer hosts a durable stainless steel head and an aluminum body so you can bet this thing is ready to last for years to come. It’s also balanced accordingly, making it easy to drive those tent stakes in with ease, even if hammering isn’t your strong suit. It’s also engineered to remove your tent stakes once all is said and done and comes equipped with a bottle opener so you can enjoy a couple cold ones as a reward for that painful uphill hike you just undertook all afternoon. Perfect for the avid outdoorsman. Available now for $30. [Purchase]

MSR Tent Stake Hammer 2

MSR Tent Stake Hammer 3

MSR Tent Stake Hammer 4