MSR Flex 4 Cooking System

Roughing it in the woods doesn’t have to be mean roughing it on the taste buds too. It usually does, of course, but it doesn’t have to. If want your freshly caught trout and heirloom tomatoes to taste as good as they should, step 1 is getting yourself some quality cookware that’s also easy to travel with. The Flex 4 Cooking System from MSR fits the bill.

The Flex 4 features two nonstick aluminum pots and strainer lids, four DeepDish plates and four stainless steel insulated mugs. Best of all, the entire set fits neatly inside the 3.3L anodized pot for convenient packing on the go. This is your notice, campfire chefs: You can no longer blame your equipment for your subpar meals. [Purchase]