Movi Smartphone Gimbal

The camera and video capabilities on smartphones have consistently gotten better and better with each new model. But just because we all have the ability to shoot 4K video with our phones doesn’t mean we’re all producing slick, professional videos. That’s what the Movi Smartphone Gimbal is for.

And when we say professional, we really mean it. This tool is developed by the same company that builds drones and Hollywood-quality video equipment for shows like Game of Thrones and sporting events like the Tour De France. That means that more than just stabilizing your shots, it comes pre-loaded with filming methods. Using these pre-sets, videographers can use Majestic Mode for smoothing shots out for a more cinematic look, Movi-lapse for compressing distances and time for unique high-speed shots, and time lapse for capturing extended shots with dynamic camera moves. And those are just a few of the pre-loaded capabilities this gimbal comes with. It’s without a doubt an ideal tool for the aspiring videographer.

Purchase: $300