Mountainsmith Cooler Tube

There are plenty of times when you don’t want the world to know you have beer. Whether you’re tiptoeing past security at the game, sneaking past your overly nosy and thirsty neighbor, or just bringing some refreshments onto the tennis court, beer stealth is a good thing.

Mountainsmith’s Cooler Tube does just that, keeping your cans concealed and cold at the same time, duping people into thinking you have a yoga mat or multiple cans of Play-Doh slung over your shoulder with the adjustable sling. Just stack six 12oz. cans or four tallboys on top of each other, zip ‘em up, and you’re good to go. The PEVA waterproof seam-sealed lining also means your brews will stay in their pristine state until it’s time to unveil them. [Purchase]

Mountainsmith Cooler Tube 3