Max Hazan Builds A 100% Bespoke Turbocharged Motus V4 Salt Flat Racer

Though he first emerged onto the custom motorcycle scene less-than-a-decade ago, Max Hazan has quickly become one of the most respected names in the bespoke bike world. And while the majority of the Los Angeles-based builder’s projects are produced for clients, Hazan occasionally churns out personal builds, the latest of which is a fully-bespoke land speed racer dubbed “The Salt Shaker.”

The build was a collaborative effort from Hazan Haas Racing: Hazan, and Bobby Haas of Dallas’ Haas Moto Museum. Haas had previously commissioned five builds from Hazan, and a friendship was struck along the way. So, the two eventually joined forces to create a completely scratch-built racer to take on the Bonneville salt flats. In typical Hazan fashion, the build is constructed around a fully-custom frame shrouded in stunning bespoke (partial-streamliner) bodywork. For the engine, they picked the 1,650cc pushrod V4 mill from the recently-defunct boutique American marque, Motus Motorcycles’ MST model. Despite the Birmingham-built V4 making 180hp in stock trim, Max has added a Garrett GT28R turbocharger to the mix, enabling it to generate between 250-270hp. In total, the Salt Shaker weighs 625lbs wet, though Hazan says he added around 150lbs more than was needed for better stability and traction.

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