Mott & Bow Broome 4-Way Stretch Jeans

Mott & Bow has been blowing-up old and tired ideas about denim for a while now. First they took aim at the way high quality jeans are priced, and now with the release of their Broome 4-Way Stretch Jeans, they’re challenging the way they should fit.

While most pairs of jeans have a constrictive and tough feel to them, this pair from the brand boasts a comfortable and dynamic fit that doesn’t compromise on quality or style. Made from a specially developed 12.8-ounce Broome fabric that has been engineered to stretch both laterally and vertically, these jeans allow a much wider range of motion than even most other stretch jeans. As a result, they make doing thins like riding your bike to work and karate kicking criminals all that much easier. The Broome jeans are available in either a dark blue or medium blue wash and can be found in a straight, slim, or skinny cut.

Purchase: $128