Motorola’s APX NEXT Is A Futuristic Smart Radio For First Responders

It’s been many years since Motorola introduced the original APX radio system — a dependable flagship device that was adopted by law enforcement and mission-critical sectors to communicate across various channels. Now, the first update to the platform has finally been announced, arriving as a powerful new touchscreen variant dubbed the APX NEXT.

The APX NEXT has been redefined for a new era of first responders and law enforcement officials, offering an LTE-connected platform that’s been outfitted with FirstNet, a communications platform that allows for unimpeded voice and data transmission between first responders in the field, and a weatherized touchscreen that can stand up to rain, cold, and other factors that might cause problems while in the field. After 2,000 hours of extensive research, Motorola’s APX NEXT was announced for agencies who are looking to benefit from innovative technologies like SmartLocate, SmartProgramming, and SmartConnect, alongside proprietary voice control via ViQi, which allows responders to intuitively operate the device without direct intervention. Head to the company’s website for more information on the next generation of the dependable handset.

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