Motorola Revives A Classic Design With The Razr 2019 Foldable Smartphone

Photos: Sarang Sheth

When the original Razr came out in the summer of 2004, it was arguably the most popular flip phone in the United States. Well, over a decade later, the retro model is getting a modern upgrade and returning as the Motorola Razr 2019 Smartphone.

An official release of the smartphone is still to come, but renderings by designer Sarang Sheth, which are based on patents filed with the WIPO, are here to give us a solid idea of what it will look like. The new model will keep the flip-phone silhouette, but it will be enhanced with a folding OLED display. And based on the renderings, the smartphone will feature a large camera placed just below the exterior screen. The Motorola smartphone will be contending with the Samsun Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the 2019 Razr will cost about $1,500 and will have a limited run of 200,000 examples.

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