Motorola’s One Vision Smartphone Boasts All-New Cinematic Qualities

With a number of the digital world’s most prominent manufacturers focusing on the admittance of new handheld technologies for the upcoming year, Motorola has been hard at work developing their own catalog of high-end offerings. The company’s newest project, the One Vision, is aptly named — looking to provide an innovative take on the modern day visual qualities associated with the mobile device.

The One Vision dives headfirst into uncharted territory for the brand, boasting a 6.3-inch LCD screen and a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio that’s perfect for streaming tv shows, movies, and general media consumption. The 1080×2520 resolution monitor is certainly no slouch, bringing Motorola’s CinemaVision to the forefront while maintaining a mid-range price point for consumers. Aside from the device’s interesting visual developments, the phone will carry over the manufacturer’s high-performing 48-megapixel camera, allowing you to capture some of the best stills around. Instead of storing the large files on your phone, however, the One Vision will use an interesting new technology called “QuadPixel,” which combines four of the camera’s pixels into one large 1.6µm pixel — resulting in an ultra-sharp 12-megapixel image. Thanks to the implementation of these larger pixels, the camera is able to capture more ambient light — four times more, according to Motorola — alongside a reduction of noise within the image. To top it all off, optical image stabilization is built into the Vision’s camera, helping you to capture your favorite moments with the help of the device’s AI-learning Portrait, Night, and Smart Composition modes. The handheld is slated to launch in Brazil for around $335 in a few weeks, with an expanded worldwide release yet to be determined.

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