Motorola Verve Ones+

When it comes to getting good quality audio while you are working out, headphone companies have been making some serious progress over the past few years. Earbuds have been getting smaller and smaller without compromising on quality, and wireless connections have been getting better. Now in 2016 with the release of the VerveOnes+ earbuds by Motorola, we may have hit something pretty close to the pinnacle.

Whether you are heading out on a long run or just popping them in for a quick session at the gym, the waterproof earbuds will deliver rich and deep audio throughout thanks to their 12 hour continuous runtime and lossless Bluetooth 4.1 technology. Equipped with dual microphones – you can easily take and receive calls as well as give commands to Siri and Google Now. For those of you that are constantly afraid of losing something as small and expensive as this – there is nothing to fear, when you are done using them you can simply pop them in a small charging case for storage and charging. Prices start at $250. [Purchase]

Motorola Verve Ones+ 1

Motorola Verve Ones+ 2