Motorcycle Surfing at 50 MPH

If there’s one thing man has proven throughout the years, it’s his innate ability to continually find crazier ways to pass the time. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, motorcycle surfing. In 5K, of course.

Scott Winn (ScottDW on YouTube) masterfully captures a handful of very skilled and very unafraid daredevils as they proceed to stand up on their bikes doing more than 50 mph through the Utah countryside. Winn provides the music too which adds to the surreal vibe of the footage, making it all somehow seem not as insanely dangerous as it is. It’s only fitting that, since this “sport” is well ahead of its time, it gets filmed with technology that’s ahead of its time, as the video was shot in 5K on the Red Epic and down-converted to a measly 4K for the masses.