Moto Rocker Racer for Kids

Get them started early and they’re stoked for life. At least that’s the idea behind this miniature Moto Rocker for any new fathers out there looking to raise their kids with an affinity for motorcycles.

Here, each Moto Rocker is purposed as a downscaled motorcycle for mini custom builders and mechanics in training. It’s designed to mimic the true feeling of life in the saddle and even comes complete with a one-cylinder 125ccm engine, head light, and tail light. The seat is a handmade work of art fabricated with genuine leather and you can choose between a cafe/brat or track style based on yours (and their) preference. Best of all, just like some of the best sleds out there, builder Felix Monza offers customizable options to make each Moto Rocker one of a kind for each aspiring gearhead.

Purchase: $1,600+