Moto Guzzi Le Mans KM17 by Kaffee Maschine

Out of Germany comes a bike workshop by the name of Kaffee Maschine that appears to have nailed down their very own version of the Italian Moto Guzzi, which is always pleasing to the world of custom motorcycles. It’s a striking build, to say the least, and is based upon the iconic “Le Mans MKIII” but with a bit of a personal touch.

What pops immediately off this bike is the striking Jaguar-blue paint job along with the handmade brown leather seat. They also outfitted the 1064cc V-twin with bigger valves, ported heads, and a new camshaft to up the power a tad. An electronic ignition system and a pair of 40mm carbonators are now fitted to the matte black exhaust pipe as well. The dash also hosts an aftermarket Motogadget speedo, and brown leather grips with turn signals attached at the ends offer an even more vintage look. The Moto Guzzi also rides atop a set of Bridgestone Battlax tires and boast a whole new brake system for a touch of enhanced safety. Quite the beauty no doubt.