Motionize Kayak Paddle App

Today, there’s tech to supplement almost any activity. It’s a great bonus for anyone looking to either learn a new sport or perfect the hobby they already know and love. Motionize Paddle, an application created for your smartphone to assess and improve your kayak paddling technique follows this trend.

Motionize consists of four parts: two waterproof nine-axis sensor modules that mount to your kayak and paddle, a waterproof smartphone case that mounts to the kayak itself for visual aid, and a dedicated iOS/Android app that runs on the phone. It’s powered by lithium-polymer batteries which provide the device with run times of 5 hours per charge. Here’s how it works. As you’re kayaking the app on the phone communicates with the sensors through Bluetooth, taking note of the relative positions and movements of the paddle and the boat. The software then analyzes the data and determines your paddle form and provides real-time productive audio feedback on factors like stroke length, distance per stroke, speed, pace and paddle depth. Also, as kayakers use the app over time, it will continue to aid in the improvement of their paddling thus providing them with a valuable experience each and every time. [Purchase]

Montionize Kayak Paddle App 2

Montionize Kayak Paddle App 4