Motion Pro II Racing Simulator

When your racing simulator costs more than a real car, you’re know you’re in for some serious shenanigans. CXC Simulations has pulled out all the stops with its new Motion Pro II simulator, with perhaps the craziest feature being a force feedback steering wheel that’s said to be powerful enough to injure the driver.

Starting at very robust $54,000, the Motion Pro II boasts a fully functioning dashboard, multiple widescreen displays, speakers, pedals, and a racing seat that bends and turns to match the on-screen action. But yeah, that steering wheel… It now has a servo motor that’s connected to the steering shaft, so there’s no need for power-sapping belts and gears. We’re not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but the wheel is so strong, if you virtually crash and don’t relinquish the steering wheel soon enough, there’ll be enough torque to recreate real-life crash forces and break your wrists. Enjoy! [Purchase]

Motion Pro II Racing Simulator 2