Moskito Watch

Cyclists are data junkies. They want to know as much about their ride as they can. After hanging up the helmet and stowing their bike, they spend hours pouring over graphs and readouts of things like their wattage, average speed, and number of feet climbed. Unfortunately, the only kinds of instruments that can capture this kind of information look like oversized digital watches from the 1980s. Or at least that was the case before the Moskito watch was brought to life.

Intended to be used as both a wristwatch and a bike computer, this handsome analog instrument can switch between three different modes; Time, Speed, and Chrono. The first of the three uses the main hands on the dial to track seconds, minutes, and hours while a sub dial indicates the date. With a touch of a button and twist of the case, the watch can then be taken off the strap and put onto the bike – switching it into speed mode where it tracks speed with the second hand, distance with the minute hand, and hours with the hour hand while the shows average speed. The final of the three, Chrono mode, tracks the seconds, minutes, and hours of your ride while two subdials indicate the receipt of text messages, emails, or app messengers. An ideal pick for the design-forward cyclist.

Purchase: $780