Morrama Angle Straight Razor

Feb 27, 2018

Category: Grooming

Of all the different types of razors out there, nothing shaves quite as close and clean as a straight razor. The only problem is, many of them have a permanent blade attached to them, meaning that sharpening them is a frequent and time-consuming task. Not the Angle. This modern take on the classic straight razor uses disposable blades.

No, we don’t mean you have to buy specific blades from the manufacturer or sign up for a monthly membership. The Angle is actually compatible with nearly any disposable razor blade – making it an incredibly versatile and easy way to get a straight razor shave without the hassle. It will also last you for a very long time, thanks to its machined aluminum easy-to-maintain construction. And if you’re worried about performance and safety, this razor was designed to be comfortable in the hand, perfectly balanced, and the blade housing is both magnetic and secure. No word yet on price, but you can sign up for notifications on the availability of this up-to-date grooming tool on its website.

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