Morph Bottle

No matter where you go, a dependable water bottle is essential to rejuvenate yourself throughout the day with a refreshing beverage. The Morph Bottle takes it a step further by allowing you to carry the gear you need on-the-go in the same container as your drink.

The Morph Bottle is constructed with two separate compartments that adjust based on the contents you store in them. The first compartment stores your drink and the other can hold EDC gear, such as your multi-tool, keys, and credit card. The EDC storage side of the water bottle utilizes a collapsible food-grade silicone pocket with a textured interior. If you fill up the bottle to full capacity with a beverage, it will automatically collapse the pocket and hold 20 oz of your favorite drink. On the other hand, if you pack up the silicone pocket, you’ll be able to hold 15 oz of a beverage. The BPA-free stainless steel water bottle is built with a silicone grip for slip-proof carrying, stabilizing cap for balance, sweat-proof insulation, and pressure-release vents.

Kickstarter: $50+