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Mophie’s Latest Portable Battery Is Powerful Enough To Jumpstart Your Car

Portable power stations and chargers are becoming more and more robust as time goes on, but with technologies evolving at such a rapid rate, the edge of insanity is always right around the corner. While we never really asked for such a device, Mophie has introduced the Powerstation Go portable jumpstarter — an essential device to keep your vehicle, and devices, primed and ready for any situation.

If you’ve ever seen someone with (or been the victim of) a dead car battery, you’ll know that the prospect of becoming stranded with no one else around is less-than-palatable. Luckily, Mophie’s Powerstation Go is a compact, portable starter that sports a monstrous 44,000mWh capacity, an array of inputs to keep your most important devices charged and at the ready, and a pair of mini jumper cables, should your vehicle ever need an unexpected pick-me-up. This glovebox-sized accessory also boasts dual USB-A ports, a Qi-enabled wireless charging architecture, and a high-density/high-output universal battery to deliver up to 65W of power for your less-needy electronics. Head to Mophie’s website to pick up one of your own for $160.

Purchase: $160