Mophie Magnetic iPhone 7 Case

With the iPhone 7 out and about in retail stores across the world, it’s time to start protecting that valuable piece of tech you just waited all day in line to purchase. The Mophie is one such iPhone 7 case that does a fantastic job of keeping your smartphone protected while turning it into a fully-fledged modular device.

Each Mophie magnetic case system features built-in magnets that attach a variety of accessories to the base case system. Some such items include a hold force wallet, folio, and a miniature power station for some extra juice on for those all-nighters on the town. They’ll remain safe and sound thanks to the strategically designed magnetic base case and successfully transform your smartphone into an all-in-one wallet or power station. You have nothing to lose except that bulky wallet you insist on carrying around. Prices start at $40 for the base case and $20 for each additional accessory. [Purchase]

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