Mophie Apple Watch Dock

So you just got yourself a fancy Apple Watch. Congrats. But now what? First, you’ll definitely wanna show it off to the first 200 people you see; then, as any tech collector knows, it’s time for the accessories. The Watch Dock from Mophie could be a nice place to start.

Featuring durable aluminum construction with premium leather accents, this resting station begins charging your watch as soon as contact is made. It’s a pretty seamless, tangle-free process thanks to the Apple Watch’s charging cable being concealed inside the dock. The slightly elevated, slightly angled charging position means you can still use your watch’s touchscreen as it charges. Use it at home or the office and give your new toy the perch it deserves. [Purchase]

Mophie Apple Watch Dock 2

Mophie Apple Watch Dock 3