Moovy Modular High-Tech Backpack

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In our fast-paced and online-driven world we’re reliant on technology to keep us informed, up to date with our work load, and simply to help us go through the motions of day to day 21st-century life. So, to accommodate this ever-present need, Paris-based OUI Smart has developed a backpack to keep your tech stored and charged in a sleek yet powerful manner.

In short, the Moovy Backpack is a modular carrying case that houses a full device charging system boasting a 22000 mAh power bank, a built-in 6w solar panel, Qualcomm QC 3, magnetic charging, and a MagSafe USB-C Hub for laptops. All told, users are able to charge and store multiple portable devices on the go at lightning-fast speeds. As for the bag itself, fine Italian leather and various waterproof materials make up its composition. Additionally, hidden pockets and anti-shock foam keep things organized and protected during the daily commute as well. Available on Kickstarter now with prices starting at $170.

Purchase: $170+