Moormann VW T6 Camping Bus

For many, camping is all about minimalism; minimal impact on your surroundings, minimal gear, minimal need. That’s the mentality behind Custom Bus, a German company that specializes in personalizing VW campers and motor homes. Featured here is a VW bus designed by German minimalist Nils Holger Moormann, a fan of authentic materials and simple layouts.

Moormann worked alongside Custom Bus, transforming a VW T6 into a comfortable mobile home. Together, both entities stripped out everything from the mobile home that wasn’t necessary with the goal of leaving the outside of the vehicle as basic as possible. They also reworked the interior with soft lighting and restrained materials. In addition, the finished luxurious yet minimal bus features a small kitchenette, a foldout futon, and additional storage space for a wardrobe, books, laundry and whatever other packable items may fit. From the outside this mobile home-away-from-home looks like just another T6. On the inside, however, it’s a minimalist chariot fit for Kerouac himself. [Purchase]

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