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This Tiny AI-Powered Smart Robot Can Monitor Your Home While You’re Away

Sure, smart doorbells make for an excellent first line of defense against home intrusion, but they’re not much help when it comes to monitoring things from the inside. And while you could install a suite of security cameras, they’re typically limited in what they can see, exposing you to potential blindspots and other unwelcome weaknesses.

Enter Moorebot and a tiny smart robot it’s calling the ‘Scout.’ Designed to patrol your house while you’re out, it comes equipped with a two-way radio, a 1080p night vision video camera, and intelligent SLAM (Simutaneous Localization and Mapping) software — a combination that allows the Scout to move about its surroundings completely autonomously. However, should you want to take charge, it also supports WiFi connectivity as well as Alexa and Google video streaming and voice control. Riding on a set of 4WD omnidirectional wheels, the Scout can not only roll into incredibly tight spaces but also over and around potentially dangerous obstacles. It’s set to launch on Amazon this spring for $179.

Purchase: $179