Moore & Giles Sidecar

Nov 21, 2014

Category: Living

Does your liquor deserve its own furniture? If you’re fond of chugging down bottom-shelf libations, no, perhaps not. But if you take your booze seriously – so seriously that you’d never dare call it booze – then the Moore & Giles Sidecar needs your attention.

Made in collaboration with renowned bartender Jim Meehan, The Sidecar is made to last and be shown off throughout the years. The water-cut aluminum frame reinforces Virginia black walnut, with a butcher block-like top that’s sealed to keep the occasional spills from doing any harm. Each bottle is comforted by leather-wrapped hexagonal brass handles, with built-in caddies located below house leather-lined serving trays. Keep your reserves in the leather-matted low cabinet, while the long cabinet hides a handmade brass-bound wooden bin that’s accessible from either side of the cart through a sliding drawer. The shallow drawer above the long cabinet is perfect for coasters, cocktail books, bar tools, or your favorite flask. [Purchase]

Moore and Giles Sidecar 2

Moore and Giles Sidecar 3

Moore and Giles Sidecar 4

Moore and Giles Sidecar 5

Moore and Giles Sidecar 6

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